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  • Why choose the UW Health Breast Center?

    Our expert team of doctors and other healthcare professionals cares for more than 850 new breast cancer patients and more than 3,000 survivors each year. We also care for many patients with non-cancerous breast conditions and those who are at high risk for getting breast cancer. This wide variety of breast care gives our Breast Center team a level of experience that is unsurpassed in Wisconsin and the region. Watch a video about our overall approach to care. In healthcare, experience matters.

    You've Got Breast Cancer: What's next?

    You've got breast cancer 
    What's next?

    When treating breast cancer, medical specialties work together to create a personalized plan for you. Learn more about your diagnosis and breast cancer treatment options at UW Health.

    Learn More
    Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling

    Genetic Counseling 
    What is my risk?

    Genetic testing is used to check for cancer risk. It's usually done in families with a history that suggests there's a disease that may be inherited.

    Learn More
    Breast Cancer Research

    Breast Cancer Research 
    Finding a Cure

    Scientists at the UW Carbpne Cancer Center are working to answer the questions many people ask about: Why did I develop cancer and can it be cured?

    Learn More


    Breast Center: Our Services

    Our Services

    Learn about our services in breast imaging, breast surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


    Meet our team of providers


    Also learn about our resources for patients and families, such as Patient Navigators, CareWear, the Patient Survivor Advocate Program and more.


    Preparing for your first Breast Center appointment


    Breast Center: A Healthy You

    A Healthy You: Prevention and Screening

    Many women want to know more about what they can do to keep themselves healthy and prevent breast cancer or to stay healthy following breast cancer treatment. Regular screenings and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to maintaining breast health. Understand more about breast density and the impact on screening and risk of developing cancer. Learn more about what you can do today.


    Breast Center: Common Breast Conditions

    Common Breast Conditions

    Many women will develop breast conditions during their lifetimes, some of which will require treatment and others that will not. The UW Health Breast Center works to diagnose your issue and develop treatment recommendations. Learn more




    UW Health Breast Center: Request an Appointment




    Breast Center
    UW Hospital and Clinics
    (608) 266-6400
    Map, directions and more information


    Breast Center
    1 S. Park Clinic
    (608) 287-2050
    Map, directions and more information


    Screening Mammography Locations
    Breast cancer screening locations (Eight locations in Dane County)



    UW Health Breast Center: Ways to Give Back



    American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

    National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

    Commission on Cancer

    The UW Health Breast Center is the only center in South Central Wisconsin to receive full accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).