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  • What Does Wellness Mean to You?

    Whether you are trying new ways to enjoy physical activity, restore balance to your life, manage stress better or eat healthier, the Center for Wellness at UW Health at The American Center can support you on your journey to better health. Our team will work with you to identify lifestyle changes, encourage self-care practices and create a personalized plan to navigate your health journey.

    COVID-19 UPDATEOur Center for Wellness is open for in-person wellness consults, acupuncture and massage therapy. While many of our group medical visits remain currently suspended, we are now offering several virtual options. Our pools remain closed apart from patients receiving aquatic therapy as part of their rehabilitation program.


    UW Health will continue to monitor both federal and state guidelines on how to best keep our patients and staff safe. When a reopening date is established, we will send an email to notify you as well as update our website. Please visit coronavirus.uwhealth.org for continued updates.


    Learn how the Center for Wellness can help you on your journey to better health Learn about our approach to care and how you can get started on your journey to wellness.

    In the News: Group Medical Visits: Achieving Wellness in a Social Environment

    Physician Consult

    Physician Consult
    Optimize Your Health

    Together with a physician, develop a personalized lifestyle plan you can implement and sustain. Schedule Your Consult

    Group Medical Visits

    Group Medical Visits 
    A New Approach to Care

    Group medical visits offer an innovative approach to care that brings patients together to learn from each other. Group Medical Visits

    Health Coaching

    Health Coaching 
    Empowering Your Health

    Certified coaches provide support and encouragement to help you connect with strengths, overcome barriers and make lasting change.


    Health Coaching


    Wellness Studio

    Wellness Studio


    The Wellness Studio offers a wide range of movement classes that promote a holistic approach to health and well-being.


    Browse upcoming classes | Learn about the Wellness Studio

    Aquatic Center

    Aquatic Center


    The Aquatic Center offers the full range of swimming services, including classes that can help you improve your fitness, lap swimming and individual and group swimming lessons.


    Browse upcoming classes | Learn about the Aquatic Center

    Learning Kitchen

    Learning Kitchen


    The Learning Kitchen is a fully equipped classroom kitchen that is led by culinary and health care professionals who offer a wide variety of cooking classes for our community and our patients.


    Browse upcoming classes | Learn about the Learning KitchenView recipes

    Wellness services at UW Health

    Additional Services


    Round out your Wellness program with access to the UW Health services that fit your life and your values:



    (608) 440-6600



    Request a free wellness intake


    Share Your UW Health Wellness Story


    Model of Wellness


    Achieve your fitness center goals