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  • UW Health Memory Care services offers memory evaluations and post-diagnosis care for patients with age-related memory concerns. Our team of physicians, nurses and social workers can help determine if you are experiencing age-related memory or thinking declines, what is causing the declines, and how to manage your impairment. We believe there is tremendous importance and power in having a diagnosis and discussing all care options.


    When to worry about memory loss; UW Health Memory Care; Madison, Wisconsin

    When to Worry


    We all forget sometimes, and it is normal to forget things a bit more frequently as we get older. How can we know if forgetting is typical aging or the sign of something more serious?Learn more

    Healthy lifestyle habits can help prevent dementia and age-related memory problems.



    There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, but research has found strategies reduce the risk of dementia or even delay its symptoms. Lifestyle habits that are beneficial for our bodies and our moods are also helpful for maintaining a healthy brain. Learn key habits to help

    By volunteering for research opportunities, you can help advance our understanding of Alzheimer's

    Help Advance Our Understanding


    Research is an essential process in developing and testing new medical treatments and interventions. Everything we have learned about memory, memory treatments, and memory disorders is known because someone volunteered for a research study. Learn how you can volunteer


    Resources for living with Alzheimer's and dementia

    Health and Wellness


    How do you help people with Alzheimer's cope during the holidays? What is the connection between sleep and Alzheimer's? We have articles on a variety of topics that can help you learn more about memory care. Learn more

    Listen to the Latest Dementia Matters Podcast spacer Memory Clinics Across the State