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  • Volunteering for UW Organ and Tissue Donation


    Please e-mail us.


    Currently Promoting Organ Donation?

    The UW OTD Community Outreach team would like to know what you're doing in your own community to help us share the life-saving message of organ donation in Wisconsin. Please e-mail us.

    Volunteer and help UW Organ and Tissue Donation (UW OTD) create hope for the more than 100,000 people who are still waiting for their gift of life with an organ transplant.


    Donor family members, living donors, transplant recipients and others passionate about organ donation and transplantation are welcome to join our Community Outreach UW OTD volunteer team. UW OTD has a large service area and needs volunteers (ages 16 and older) in Wisconsin; Winnebago County, Ill.; Houston County, Minn.; and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. All UW OTD volunteer communication is conducted using e-mail due to our large service area.


    UW OTD, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is an Organ Procurement Organization affiliated with University Hospital's Transplant program. UW OTD volunteers support our efforts to educate the public about the facts about organ, tissue and eye donation, how to register as donors and the need for donors. You have opportunities to share the story of your connection to donation encouraging others to make their donation decision and share it with their family. You may also share your personal connection to donation at my transplant or donation experience.


    As a UW OTD volunteer, you can put your skills to work where you feel comfortable. Volunteer activities are varied, such as staffing an educational booth or serving as a Wisconsin DMV ambassador. For those who are comfortable, there are also speaking opportunities to clubs, organizations and healthcare professionals or facilitating a 30-minute organ donation class for Wisconsin teen drivers. Additional training is offered for volunteers interested in speaking roles.


    Steps to Become a UW Organ and Tissue Donation Volunteer


    Our volunteer training program consists of three steps:

    1. Complete the Volunteer Contact Information form below
    2. After submitting the Contact form, you'll receive an email with instructions to create a login and password to take the 1-hour UW OTD volunteer e-learning training course on a computer. You can exit and return to the e-learning course as you need to as long as you complete the course within 30 days.
    3. In the final training module, there are two forms to complete in full:
      • A UW OTD Volunteer Confidentiality and Agreement form
      • A "Background Information Disclosure" (BID) form. The BID form is sent to UW Health Human Resources who completes the background check, just as they do for all employees and University Hospital volunteers. A background check is mandatory for all UW OTD volunteers to comply with Organ Procurement Organizations regulatory standards.

    When you complete the three steps above, you are a member of UW OTD's volunteer team and will receive emails with volunteer opportunities about once a month.


    Please complete the form below to begin our UW OTD volunteer onboarding process. Thank you for your interest in joining our efforts to save more lives through organ, tissue and eye donation. We look forward to having you as a member of our UW OTD volunteer team!