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  • Today in the U.S., more than 123,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant. More than 2,300 of our family, friends and co-workers wait in Wisconsin. Every 10 minutes, a new name is added to the list, and 22 people will die today because they didn't get the organ they needed to survive in time.


    As the home to the third-largest Transplant Program in the nation, we at UW Health see how our patients receive new life through transplantation. The work of our nationally recognized UW Organ and Tissue Donation service has created a record-breaking number of donors, but sadly, the wait list continues to grow.


    I Said Yes. Will You? Sign up for the donor registry 

    Organ Donation Registry


    More than 2,300 people in Wisconsin are waiting for the gift of life. Wisconsin has an online Donor Registry which makes it easier than ever to authorize organ, tissue and eye donation. Learn more


    See who's saying "yes" to organ donation in Wisconsin (pdf)

    Dottie Donor Dot is ready to run

    Promote Donation


    How can you support organ donation? Through your workplace, hospital, community group or even on your own, we can help you promote this life-saving mission.


    Use our Ten Ways To Promote Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation list and tap into the tools in our Donation Tool Kit.

    Team Destination Donation

    Support Donation


    Join UW Organ and Tissue Donation and our partners across the state by engaging with donation support teams and activities such as:

    Yes, I Will Volunteer 



    We rely on a large group of volunteers across the state to help get the word out about the importance of organ donation. Donor families, recipients and anyone else passionate about organ donation and transplantation are invited to join our volunteer team.


    Learn more



    UW Organ and Tissue Donation advocate Mary Nachreiner

    Blue audio icon Young transplant patient Aspen Johnson has taken to La Crosse-area radio stations to promote donation

    Find out who else is promoting donation.


    I SAID YES! 

    Why sign up for the Wisconsin Donor Registry? Here's why Don is doing it:

    Midge's husband is promoting organi donation."The thought of being an organ donor isn't comfortable, but you might just save a life and meet some wonderful people."


    Read Chris' story and other "I Said Yes!" testimonials | Share Your Story


    Dottie Donor Dot

    Sign Up for Transplant Updates

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