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  • The Comprehensive Stroke Program at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin is dedicated to the philosophy that the impact of stroke can be minimized by a combination of aggressive prevention, rapid and intensive acute stroke management and a positive attitude toward rehabilitation.


    The Joint Commission has recognized University Hospital as a Comprehensive Stroke Center and they have received recognition as a top 100 stroke hospital in America by an independent national health care assessment organization.


    UW Health Comprehensive Stroke Program

    Our Programs


    From prevention through acute treatment and rehabilitation services, the stroke program offers coordinated care from a team of specialists.

    UW Health Comprehensive Stroke Program

    Our Team


    UW Health's Comprehensive Stroke Center brings together expertise and a range of services unmatched in the region.


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    UW Health Comprehensive Stroke Program

    Stroke Partner Affiliates


    UW Health stroke program faculty and staff are committed to helping our Stroke Partner Affiliates arrange emergency admission and stroke team care as quickly possible as well as well as sharing up-to-date resources.


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    UW Health Comprehensive Stroke Program Clinical Trials

    Clinical Trials and Research


    The Department of Neurosurgery is advancing understanding of stroke treatment through ongoing research and clinical trials.


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    UW Health Comprehensive Stroke Program 

    Referring Physicians


    Find the information you need to refer a patient for care with the UW Health Comprehensive Stroke Program.


    Information for referring providers

    Reduce Your Risk of Stroke spacer Signs and Symptoms of Stroke