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  • With our experienced faculty and expanding array of technology, UW Health surgeons offer a breadth of minimally-invasive surgical services unmatched in Wisconsin. UW Health general surgeons provide comprehensive secondary and tertiary surgical consultation and care in each of several different areas. Surgical suites and post-operative intensive care facilities are state-of-the-art, fully equipped to handle all types of emergencies and unique care requirements.


    UW Helath General Surgery's minimally-invasive surgery: Surgeons in the operating room.

    Minimally Invasive Surgery


    UW Health surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever possible, with benefits to patients including less pain, shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to the lifestyle to which they're accustomed.


    Our minimally invasive surgeries

    General Surgery

    Surgical Specialties


    UW Health surgeons are experts in the surgical treatment in a variety of areas, including:


    Colon and Rectal Surgery

    Burn Center | Trauma Surgery 

    Breast Surgery | Endocrine Surgery
    Pediatric Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Surgical Weight Management

    1 South Park General Surgery 

    1 South Park General Surgery


    Our general surgeons at 1 South Park provide evaluation and treatment of the full range of general surgical problems. Our dedicated, experienced team is skilled in diagnostic and interventional surgical, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures for diseases and medical conditions.


    Learn more


    Meet Our Patients


    Living with ulcerative colitis was incredibly stressful for Katie Hopwood. But after a minimally invasive surgery to remove her inflamed colon and reconstruct her lower small intestine, her life is "so much better."

    Watch more of Katie's Story

    UW Health general surgery research: Two surgeons walking 



    The Division of General Surgery is home to numerous research programs investigating the underlying mechanisms of disease, translating discoveries in the laboratory to clinical trials, and offering experimental options with the goal of improving patient care.


    Learn more


    UW Health general surgery: POEM procedure spacer Bariatric Surgery