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  • Physician Resources

    Referring a Patient

    UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin offers telemedicine capabilities to deliver safe, efficient and effective care to all the communities and patients we serve.


    Video Visits and Video Appointments


    Video Visits; See a provider any time for an urgent care visit through Care Anywhere

    UW Health Care Anywhere Video Visits


    These visits are not scheduled and are used at times you need to see a provider, like at an Urgent Care location. Through the UW Health Care Anywhere app, you can see a provider 24/7 for certain conditions. Learn more and start your visit

    Video appointments with your physician

    Video Appointments


    These appointments are scheduled with your healthcare provider for routine visits and other similar times you need to see someone from your healthcare team. If you have a video appointment scheduled you will receive an email with instructions. Learn how to make sure you're ready for your appointment


    User Guides


    View how to prepare for your upcoming telehealth visit (pdf)


    iPad Users: Using Vidyo on iPads (pdf)



    Video Appointments Help Providers and Patients Connect



    About Video Appointments


    In support of a patient's ongoing healthcare needs, video appointments allow individuals to “meet” with their specific healthcare providers from the comfort of their own homes. These appointments are scheduled by the provider and can be used in place of an in-person appointment when appropriate. These video appointments also permit multiple people to join the visits, whether they be a loved one that lives far away or other providers and specialists involved in a patient's care. Video appointments also save patients the cost and stress of travelling to and from hospitals and clinics. They are used by providers across the spectrum of care, from pediatrics to geriatrics, for simple routine visits to complex patient care.


    Video Visits Through UW Health Care Anywhere


    Video visits using the UW Health Care Anywhere app allow individuals to see a medical provider 24-hours a day for urgent, non-emergency care using their smart phone, tablet or computer. No appointments are needed. Just like a visit to Urgent Care, these visits let individuals see a provider for a consultation and diagnosis when appropriate.